Extension of the Judo Room to the Youth Sports Center

The Ministry of Youth and Sport Affairs 'Directorate of Buildings and Equipment * proposes to relaunch the' Invitation to tender for the project to extend the judo room to the Youth Sports Center (A.0 N ° 03/2017 DBE). Online Tenders Website‎, a leading business leading Tender Notice Portals is the first agency to report this notification.

 Companies authorized by the Ministry of Equipment, Housing and Land Development may participate in this call for tenders in the business: general enterprise, BO, category 2 and more before the sub- Treating metal and boilerwork B9, category 2 and more.
Firms meeting the above criteria and having the financial guarantees and the technical competence required for the proper execution of the work of this invitation to tender and wishing to take part in this invitation to tender will be invited to present themselves to the management Buildings and equipment of the, with a copy of the approval or a copy of the specifications in the general business, BO , Category 2 and more to withdraw the tender dossier, against the payment of the sum of 60 non-refundable dinars for the benefit of the designer.
Tenders must be submitted in time by registered post or by post or by direct deposit to the central office of the ministry against a discharge to the following Tenders must be received no later than 10.00 on Monday 3 April 2017 (the seal of the Central Authorities Office shall prevail).
For further details, please call on +44-7505 672419 or email at   andy.p@tenderspedia.com or register on the website: http://www.tenderspedia.com
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